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Now more than ever, finding the perfect photographer to match your vision seems almost impossible! With so many great artists out there, it's hard to even start looking without feeling overwhelmed. As an effort to make your search just a little bit easier, I've put together a few major keypoints that you should keep in mind when you start your search.

Tip #1: Write Out What You're Looking For

From styles you admire to the type of session you're looking to book, having all of that information written out right in front of you will help so much.

Ask Yourself: Are You Looking for a Full Service Experience or a Quick Shoot and Burn session?

A huge decision to make is whether or not you want to turn your photo shoot into something bigger. Personally, I am a full service photographer. That just means that it is a more hands on, drawn out process than just showing up to the session, taking photos, and returning them on a disc a week later. We speak on the phone or meet in person before booking to go over the details and investment, discuss planning after booking, have the session, and then a post-session reveal appointment where you buy what you love and leave what you don't. It's definitely a process for the more dedicated individuals, but completely worth it to turn your moments into memories.

Important Step: Do Your Research!

Search Instagram using hashtags, ask your friends who they worked with, use keywords on Pinterest, Google, etc.! Look for a photographer whose style matches what you love most whether it be bright and bold, light and airy, moody, more candid over posed, or black and white dominated... There's someone out there that will create your dream images.

Tip #2: Build A Connection

If you aren't comfortable around someone, that's going to be evident in the photos. Part of the reason it is so important to interact in some capacity before a shoot is to start building that trust and gaining comfort around the creator you are hiring.

Making the Decision

Before you make your decision, go through your checklist of desires and make sure the artist meets your criteria. These are moments you won't be getting back, and this is not an area to sacrifice quality in. Have a rough estimate of what you can afford ready before contacting any photographers, so that you know right away what you're working with. Some photographers are happy to set up payment plans too, so if your favorite creator is a bit out of reach, ask about it!

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Dominique Benedict

Arkansas based music and portrait photographer. Open to any projects, and available for tour.

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